Stathis Anninos
Pianist - Composer
“The narrative ability of Stathis Anninos is always at a high level and his storytelling is enviable”
George Charonitis
Music journalist / Founder of Jazz & Tzaz magazine
“Anninos lets the music free and the music returns the freedom”
Panagiotis Dimopoulos
Pianist, composer, writer
“His piano becomes an extension of his body”
Ilan Solomon
Music journalist / Radio producer

Stathis Anninos’ music is an imaginative place for the coexistence of different musical worlds and sounds, inspired by the European jazz idiom, and improvisational music as well as the soundscape of the Mediterranean, where he comes from. These are the elements that are crystallized and expressed in a clear personal sound, full of rich contrasts, images and emotions.

Past Events

16 Feb21:00AthensGreece
11 Feb22:00AthensGreece
29 Nov21:30AthensGrecce
05 Nov16:00AthensGrecce
01 Nov21:30AthensGreece
31 Aug20:30AthensGreece
18 Jul20:30Ermoupoli, SyrosGreece
10 Jul21:00RhodesGreece
08 Jul21:00RhodesGreece
30 Jun21:00AthensGreece

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Stathis Anninos

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